All of our sponsors play a huge role in keeping our organization running! They believe in our mission and have taken the leap to support us in this journey to get more women riding. Each and every one of these businesses' has been hand select for the reason that we strongly believe that their way of doing business and their ethics align with our vision to grow the sport of women's cycling. Please help us show them our appreciation by supporting them as they have supported you!

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Diamond Level Sponsors

Our team of board certified physicians, mid-level providers, and staff are fully devoted to our patient’s health.

From newborns and adolescents to seniors, we are dedicated to meeting your family's medical needs. We combine evidence based advancements in medical science, innovative technology, and sincere compassion to deliver quality, personalized care.

We provide quality, personalized care in a family-focused environment and follow the recommendations of the
  American Academy of Family Physicians  
and the  
  American Academy of Pediatrics 
to ensure consistent and appropriate treatment for all of our patients.

With over 200 years of combined industry experience our staff will suggest the absolute best products for your cycling pursuits. We're not pushy and have no intention of selling you something you don't need. From our top-notch service department to our trusted fitting services, our mission is to improve the comfort and quality of your ride. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right. It's that simple.



Our Mission Is To Achieve Your Goals  

At CokerLegal, we understand the serious and sensitive nature of your family law matter. As such, we will treat you and your family with the respect that you deserve every step of the way. Since 1998, we have been providing our clients with effective and personalized legal services. Our highly qualified legal professionals are more than happy to walk with you throughout your family law matter next.

When you retain our assistance, you can be confident that you have made the right choice. We are fully equipped to guide you down the path that best suits your needs. Our legal team will fully inform you of your rights and legal options, educate you about the laws surrounding your case and help you move forward with your case with confidence.

"More than just another consumer product, beer to us is an expression of community. It's what we like, what our friends enjoy and what makes our community proud. That's the heartbeat of our local brewery."

We seek to be an inclusive community of beer drinkers. Our beer is for you, for your neighbors and for your friends. Though we are a brewery, we believe that beer is never the central figure of any moment. People are the moment makers. And great beer should be part of those moments. Our beers are crafted for good times. 

North Texas is becoming well known for producing great local brews and we're excited to be a part of perpetuating that great tradition for years to come. Our beers aren't intended to slap you in the face with outlandish concoctions. But we hope that they become well crafted local classics that you'll come back to time and time again. 




It's where the good times are.


Platinum Level Sponsors

ESI is located in Southern California and we are proud to have all our products being made right here in the USA. Established in 1999 we have spent almost 20 years providing superior products for the bicycle industry. Through new product development, ESI offers unique, high tech, quality products MADE in the USA followed with exceptional Customer Service! We are the original and ultimate 100% Silicone Grips chosen by champions!

From Smith's ultimate integration between goggles and helmets, to the unmatched clarity of the ChromaPop lens, its' devotion to excellence, innovation and style has made Smith goggles, helmets, and sunglasses the choice of action-sport athletes worldwide. Smith products represent authentic sports gear, researched and tested by a dedicated group of employees and athletes that live and breathe the lifestyle. It’s easy to make great product when you love what you do.

Liv is committed to the female cyclist. Our core passion is making cycling more approachable and appealing so that it can become a mainstream sport and fitness activity among women. We offer the only comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter your riding style, Liv provides the best products to help you discover new possibilities through cycling.

Gold Level Sponsors

Arlington's Green Master-Planned Community

Teeming with wildlife, Viridian boasts a 2,000-acre master plan that includes five major lakes, 500 acres of open space and an additional 500 acres of lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. Nature is the heartbeat of Viridian, and sustainability is a way of living. Viridian is one of the only master-planned communities in Texas designed to meet Audubon Gold Signature Standards and was, in fact, recently named “Certified Gold Signature Sanctuary.”

Inspired by Nature, Rooted in Community

"I have been in Texas since 1969, six of which I spent in San Antonio where I attended and graduated from John Marshall High School.  In 1976 I moved to Houston where I began working with a Chiropractor at the age of 18.  Six years into being an assistant I decided to pursue my own Chiropractic Degree. I ended up working for 11 different Chiropractors in 3 different clinics.  I fell in love with the profession and the unlimited potential of the body’s ability to heal itself. I moved to HEB area in 1986 to finish my studies at Parker College.   I intentionally exposed myself to different techniques when I could.  The body is truly fascinating.  I hope you never underestimate your body and its ability to strive for optimum function." ~ Robin R. Witt, D.C.

"I opened my business in the spring of 2011 with the intention of providing customers a service company they can develop a personal relationship with. I am not just the owner, I am also the operator. When Rock Solid comes to your home or business it's the beginning of a relationship with me. 

I have worked as a technician and installer in the HVAC industry for 11 years now and have seen the different ways in which businesses are ran. I understand that most people desire a service man with whom they are familiar with and trust. Based on that fact, I answer the phone, run the service calls, and lead my new equipment installs. 

Call John of Rock Solid Heating & Cooling LLC. I look forward to meeting you!" 

~John, Owner and Operator

Cori Read is an educator, international speaker, Tony Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach student, certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and a developer of programs that guide people to change their lives by shifting their thoughts. Cori’s most recent endeavor is “Transcend Anxiety”, a program that is already changing the lives of people who suffer from anxiety and panic. Learn more about Cori and her programs by clicking the BrainGearz logo. 

Terra Firma Racing is the premiere off-road racing company in the Southwest Region of the United States. We put on adventure races, mountain bike races, and XTERRA Trail Runs. We are Texas' Original Adventure Race company founded in 1998. 

John Trotter is an independent Private Wealth Manager located in McKinney, TX with Upstream Investment Partners, LLC.  The Company is a privately owned nationwide organization formed to allow financial advisors deliver advice in the best interest of their clients versus meeting company goals.

John provides advice and coaching to his clients in all aspects of their financial lives from planning for retirement to preparing for the unexpected.  John takes an analytical and strategic approach to planning and problem solving.  Ultimately geared to help his clients meet their financial goals.  

John, a native Texan and lives with his wife, Georgie and Son Blade in McKinney, TX.  They have three dogs Roxie, Snap and Buster, and he enjoys cycling, running and volunteering his time to further the sport of cycling and the betterment of the community.

Robert A. Neal, DDS and his Frisco Family and Cosmetic dentistry office want to help you do everything possible to obtain your most brilliant smile, and we want to do it using a plan customized just for you. A patient’s individual needs and preferences are part of Dr. Neal’s top priority when it comes to planning treatment, which is why we will always address all of your concerns and keep you informed of all of your treatment options.

Staying with a family throughout their dental lives is one of Dr. Neal’s ultimate goals for his practice. He wants to treat not just you but your entire family, and he loves nothing more than watching his young patients grow up. His Frisco office has developed into a caring, comprehensive, and family-friendly dental practice that makes even the most nervous patients feel welcome and relaxed.


Tech Aero Avionics is an aircraft electronics shop located at the Denton Municipal Airport, and has been providing service to customers in North Texas and the surrounding areas since the early 2000s.  We specialize in complete aircraft instrument panel upgrades, and can assist you with all of your aircraft electronic needs. Call or stop by to find out more.

Silver Level Sponsors

It is the fourth quarter and the gridiron has been  a battlefield all afternoon. You have taken shots and given just as many in return but you are beginning to feel the impact. Your first step is not as quick, the pads and uniform are feeling heavy. This is the point you hear the coach's voice in your head, "no pain, no gain." Something you have heard since you began playing sports. 

What if you could eliminate the pain, what if you could eliminate the fear of pain? What if you didn't have to feel the weight of your pads? What if all you were thinking about was the fact that your opponent is looking tired, and you still have plenty of fuel in the tank?

That is what we at G-Form want to offer you, it's our whole philosophy. Try our groundbreaking, and revolutionary technology and you may find yourself checking in better performance when it comes to crunch time. We make products that make sense. We offer the latest in technological innovation to athletic protection to make it easier for you to do what you want to do. We eliminate the constant worry that you'll fall, slip, or slide, so that you can focus. Focus on winning. Focus on work. Focus on success. 

Chamois Butt’r® was developed in 1988 by physical therapist and cyclist Steve Mathews, in collaboration with pro cyclists, physicians and chemists. Since then, Chamois Butt’r® has continued to evolve and is now available in most US bicycle retailers and is distributed internationally.

Chamois Butt’r® Original, Chamois Butt’r® Eurostyle™ and Chamois Butt’r® Her’® are non-greasy skin lubricants developed to improve riding comfort. Both products prevent the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing many cyclists experience while riding. Chamois Butt’r® products easily wash off skin and out of shorts with soap and water, and are gentle on even the most delicate skin and clothing.



"We’re working to run a different kind of company: The kind of place we’d want to work, that makes the kind of food we’d like to eat, and that strives for a healthier, more sustainable world – the kind of world we’d like to pass on to our children. And those aren’t just words. They’re our mission statement." – Kit Crawford

Roman Strength LLC is a leading custom equipment manufacturer in El Paso, TX that specializes in the production and sales of weight sleds, custom pull-up/squat rigs, and more.  Our products are built and tested for the serious athlete.  You can find our equipment in strength facilities and crossfit gyms thoughout the nation.  Like our clients, we take our craft seriously.  Our equipment comes powder coated for durability.

We're not just another cupcake shop!

We are changing the ordinary into extraordinary and redefining the cupcake experience. You decide what your personal Bliss is! Design your very own cupcake by choosing from one of our daily available cake flavors, fluffy fillings, creamy icings, and delicious toppings. But don't stop there, make it pure Bliss, add a scoop of ice cream and your cupcake becomes a complete dessert served in a waffle bowl. 

Our menu is full of delicious and exciting flavors as well as options you won't find anywhere else. We serve JUMBO sized cupcakes that are the freshest, most moist, melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes that are all baked daily from scratch. In addition to cupcakes, Bliss offers custom cakes, custom wedding cakes, cake pops, custom cake pops, cake pop bouquets, cookies, cookie bouquets, petit fours, parfaits, and brownies! We also offer kits and party packages for birthday parties, showers, and other events to make your special day truly unique. Stop in today for your personal Bliss experience!

A girl, her bike, grins and bruises, thousands of amazing adventures and many miles not yet ventured. That pretty much sums up my life on a bike. The journey started at a very young age on the back of my brother's bike with a heart pounding exclamation of "I can fly!" That feeling returns every time I pedal off to wherever the ride leads me. Road, dirt, or just cruising the paths, nothing takes the place of the freedom delivered in the wind, wildly plastering a stoked smile on my face. The connection to nature, the unraveling of daily life's entanglements, commuting, whatever is around the next bend, and of course the healthy stuff is why I ride. I am many things in this life; An adventurer, a designer, a photographer, a teacher and so much more...and now add a TBI survivor to the list.

July 23, 2010 -The day I did not die! is engraved in my mind, while so many other things were wiped away as a car ran me over while out riding my bike. I was literally derailed by a Traumatic Brain Injury. The ultimate bonk. However, coasting has never been part of my DNA. Therefore, I have chosen to keep pedaling, even on the grueling steep climbs and gnarly descents.

bicibits was in the works before the accident, catching air, and a sprouting dream for the eventual teacher retirement. Its parameters may have changed, but the sentiment remains: I wanted to create a line of women's cycling and casual apparel that was celebratory of the love of cycling that would empower girls and women through a nonprofit project.

Some gear changing has occurred, but bicibits is still dedicated to giving back by supporting TBI Awareness and Local Brain Injury Survivor Programs.

So hop on! Get your ride smile on and spread some happy!

bicibits mission is to provoke inspiration and to bring into play the imagination of people around the world with artful and purposeful design of original hand made cycling lifestyle gifts, apparel and accessories. Expanding the growing connection of bicycling and a life well lived.

bici – (bee cee) a wheeled vehicle that travels by enlightened human power. Synonym: bicicletta 

bits -a small piece or quantity of something special.

Questions or Comments? Email us at info@DirtSideSisters.Org

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